Friday, December 3, 2021

สงครามฮีโร่ Hero Wars Super Stickman Defense


If you play a strategic and cool game, you will not waste your time.

HERO WARS the return of the original defense game!


- This game is a real time simulation game (RTS)

- Defend your base by using heroes, weapons.

- Able to attack based on positions and strategies by using characteristics of each hero.

- Collect various heroes, items, skills.

- Make the super power heroes by Level-up! 


- You can create unique heroes and destroy the enemies.

- You can upgrade heroes, base, skills, productivity 

and others with gold you earn in the war.

- Unlimited numbers of stages.

- Automatic battle and idle mode.

- World ranking system.

- PVP mode.

- You can transfer all my data from old phone to my new one.

- New 5 Battle mode.

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