Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hero Wars 2: Zombie Virus , iPhone & Android

Hero Wars 2: Zombie Virus - New Game Release!! 

Now "FREE" for a limited time only!! 
Get it now while it stays FREE!! 

. Zombies vs. Heroes : Defense game. 
. Let’s try to kill the box-head zombies by controlling Super-Heroes. 
. Build Barracks, Factories, and Supply Depot and create your own Heroes. 
. This game is a real-time simulation game. (RTS game) 

Hero Wars 2: Zombie Virus 
Zombies Revived!  

. Upgrade Heroes, and become Super-Heroes. 
. Super-Heroes can ride their own vehicles in combats. 
. Wide attacking range with quarter view. 
. More than 50 types of alliance characters. (such as Units, Mechanics, and Heroes) 
. More than 80 types of box-head enemy Zombies. 
. Generate characters and make buildings for your own purpose. 
. Defend your base by using helicopters, traps, nuclear weapons, and wall. 
. The boss battle in each stage. 
. Able to attack based on positions and strategies by using characteristics of each unit. 

Game Play Video: 


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