Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hero Wars : Angel of the Fallen

Hero Wars : Angel of the Fallen
is a Defense + RTS game that combined action arcade.
In 2012, Mutants and Aliens invaded the Earth.All cities are destroyed.
They destroy crops, buildings, bridges and roads. They are very powerful.
The Co-Army just didn't have what it takes to do.
Heroes must fight against the Enemies.And must retrieve the Earth.

Your Battle fields are
New York, Miami, London, Cairo, New Delhi, Siberia,Mediterranean Sea, Tokyo, Caribbean Sea, Paris..

Game Playing Choice:
1. Heroes vs Mutants (Easy Mode)
2. Humans vs Aliens (Hard Mode)

Game Features:
- Full HD 2.5D Cartoon Characters and 3D map terrains.
- Total 74 different type of players and 80 enemies.
- Becomes hyper power hero when units are fully upgraded.
- Unlimited numbers of stages.
- One touch Online easy ranking system.
- 10 Wonderful Back Ground Musics.
- You can change game view of camera Side or Top.

You can produce Heroes, Humans, Humanoids and Arms.
If your hero upgrade, attack will increase.

Special control:
Also, You can control all your characters 360 degrees freely like joy pad.
You can fly, jump, dash, stunt flying.

All your characters will upgrade new one.
They'll have super vehicle or armored machine.
And Base weapon can upgrade more powerful.
If you get upgrade money in battle, you can exchange to product money.

Big Bomb - Use AirStrike To bomb your enemies.
Poison Mortar - Use poisonous gas bombing to make them week.
Fixed Bunker or Tank - Fire or missile attack.
Barrier - Prevent enemy attack.
Radar - You can see the invisible enemies.

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  1. Dear Naomicsoft,

    I just brought the game and was enjoying myself til I reached stage 41. At this point, it is almost impossible to clear the stage without buying the 500k gold bundle.

    Can you patch it with the option of stage replay so we can grind for the gold :) thanks

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  3. "destoy9 -alien" kept on crashing with iphone4s IOS 6! I spent money on this, please fix all your apps,including hero wars, and I suspect ALL your apps!
    It kept everytime when you win the game!!! FIX destoy9 -alien and hero wars immediately or I report to apple and shut down all your apps for fraud. I dont play a crashed game with money! I spent money on this!

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