Sunday, May 16, 2010

Destroy9 - Alien

Let the invasion of the Earth.You are the Mutant Alien!!
Destroy9 - Alien version is "Defence" and "RTS"Destroy9 - Army version is "Defence" + "RTS" + "Action"
Feature:- Destroy9 Alien Version. - 3D Side View, 3D Map Terrain, 3D Weather Change. - College of Engineering Systems missile trajectory. - High Dynamics System.
Control:- Produce units- Map Scroll
A.I : The Aliens are made of special artificial intelligence will disturb you and high sensitivity, cool action will be excited.
Ranking: You connect to the server with other users through the rank of the world can be.


  1. I just purchased the full version after trying out the free version, and it won't install on my iphone. Waste of my dollar.

  2. HI, Benjamin. Destroy9 - Alien version works Iphone Os 2.0.
    Please try again and write your email.

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  5. I have tried 5 times now. My email is My iphone is software version 3.1.3

  6. Hi, Benjamin.
    Check your email please.
    Have a nice day!!

  7. Hi my game doesn't work, it crashes every time I open it :( I tried following the instruction but it still doesn't work. My email is Thank you I really enjoy playing destroy9 & would like to play on the alien side haha

  8. Hi, Samantha.
    Thank you for your comment.
    Check your email please.
    Good luck to you. :-)

  9. There is a bug in the "Bionics Engine Upgrade" The upgrade "Money" if you max that out, and you play a game, the amount on the screen that it shows is 30, not the max 44. Same goes for the bigger one, it shows only 70 when playing the game but upgraded to 103.

  10. Hi Naomic soft! Well, I bought destroy 9 - alien and destroy 9, they're relly cool, my fav games on my ipod! Right now I'm already at level 99 and I think I almost finish the game, but I think there is a problem with the alien version, even I have noticed that the pictures of the game on this blog have it too, well, our troops (the aliens), all of them always go tho the front of the field, and because of this, they can't attack the human base as it should be, this cause every fight to be very slow and it is really annoying. Please, this game is too good to have that bug!

    pd. add an attack button for the leader!

    Thank you!
    yours truly, alex

  11. AriPrinted and Supa Mario Thank you for your help.
    We will fix the bug.

    Ah! Alien version 1.3 will add "Leader" button.
    Have a nice Day!

  12. Hi, AriPrinted.
    Hi, Supa Mario.

    Thank you for your review.

    If you want Destroy9 or Destroy9 - Alien Full version redeem codes tell me again please.
    We will send you.

    ( Oh, Please write your email. )

    Have a nice day!!

  13. What is the name of the song in the menu?

  14. Hi,
    I was playing Destroy9-Alien and finnally starting maniac mode, got tons of money, but never got a chance to upgrade. Is that supposed to happen?

  15. Hi,
    Every time I open this app it says: Memory low please reboot iPhone.
    I'm on an iPod Touch and when I start again I can't select my troops.

  16. Hi, naomicsoft
    I would want Destroy9 to be free. Love aliens version but I want to try humans. Thanks.

  17. Hello Again,
    I can't open this app anymore after I installed the update 1.4.

  18. Hi,
    I would like Destroy9 to be free because Destroy9-Alien won't open on my system any more.


  19. Destroy9 and destroy9 both stopped working after the update~

  20. i mean, both destroy9 and destroy9 alien stopped working after the update....

    and here's my email
    because everyone is posting theirs....

  21. I couldn't understand how to play. Then, I searched how to, but no menu for it. Finally, I return to iTunes and this page. Add instruction.

  22. I'm a Japanese. I can translate documents and messages to Japanese. Give me job :-)

  23. Hi, every users. I'm sorry that we have rest long time.
    I'll send email. Michael, Darrion..
    And 春彦 Please email.

    Thank you very much.

    I hope good pay!

  25. Dear naomicsoft

    I bought the full version of "Destroy 9 Alien" and like the music so much, please send me all song than I would be very happy :)


  26. "destoy9 -alien" kept on crashing with iphone4s IOS 6! I spent money on this, please fix all your apps,including hero wars, and I suspect ALL your apps!
    It kept everytime when you win the game!!! FIX destoy9 -alien and hero wars immediately or I report to apple and shut down all your apps for fraud. I dont play a crashed game with money! I spent money on this!

    email me for solution! namecomp(a)gmail,com